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Do You Believe in Love?
Do you want to? 
Become a part of the Worldwide Love Story and help us put love 
on the map. 

It's in our DNA. 

It's the red thread that connects us a human race. 

Although we share this planet with over 7 billion people,
no two love stories are the same. 

We think that's a beautiful thing.

Welcome to the Worldwide Love Story.

Our aim is to raise the vibration of love in the world. 




With you on board, totally.  

At the Worldwide Love Story we collect real stories of real people in love and plot them on a map.

Think "Humans of New York" meets Google Earth. 
But with love.

Ultimately, it will be the world's largest interactive collection of love stories. And while size matters, our focus is the positive ripple effect created by our shared stories. Imagine a map where, instead of borders or divisions, we saw examples of love.

We're on this beautiful journey together, let's look at the Earth from a new perspective. 

The Worldwide Love Story gives those of us who haven't found love an idea of what has worked for those who have.

It gives those in love a place to preserve their stories 
while helping others.

(Could you imagine if, by sharing your story, 
you inspired even one person to give love a chance? )

And it gives those who have loved and lost a place to honor what was. 

See where we're going with this?

(It's cool to be excited, we totally are too). 

Yeah, but why now? 

Now more than ever,
it's time to honor and respect that which makes us unique.

Now more than ever,
let's learn from one another and our experiences. With greater understanding comes deeper connection.

Now more than ever, 
we have the capacity to positively impact the lives of others. Let's use technology... for good. 

When all of this is possible... 
why  not  now?  

Where were you when you fell in love? Where will you be? 

Become a part of the Worldwide Love Story and help us put love on the map.
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