As with all experiences that don’t make sense until you’ve lived them, I began my journey in the romance industry shortly after arriving in Vegas some 10ish years ago, although I definitely didn’t realize it at the time. Shortly after arriving, I had the privilege of working for Tiffany & Co. where I helped lovers select just the right gift which would arrive in the iconic blue box tied with a perfectly constructed white bow.

Dutifully, willingly, and happily I repeated their love notes making sure their intentions were properly communicated within the limited space of a gift card.  

Like Twitter on paper, where people said really amazing things to each other. 

If I ever had a doubt that romance still existed, my faith would’ve been restored in less than a day. Truly thoughtful, loving people exist. And they shop at Tiffany’s.

During that time, I went through a breakup of of heartbreaking proportions. I think if you call something epic it should be awesome.  Something so incredible you wish you could be so lucky as to experience it again. 

Yeah, this wasn't that.

It was more like standing at the edge of the ocean admiring the view until you realize you're standing at the exact spot where massive waves are coming in from three different directions. 

There's no outrunning it.

There's only timing your breath. Cartwheeling with the beautiful force of nature, hoping her tide and turbulence has the grace to eventually leave you on the shore. 

As fortune would have it, I did wash up on shore. On the sunny beaches of the wedding business.  

Mother Nature, you minx.  

Yet somehow, standing invisibly on the outskirts of these once-in-a-lifetime moments we call weddings, I began—slowly, cautiously, curiously—to believe in love again. I saw it in action. Not just in the form of the newlyweds, but in their families, and in their guests.

And I was so curious.

So I started asking questions and really listened to the stories people were kind enough to share. What I heard amazed me. We laughed together. We cried together.  We shook our heads in disbelief together. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was finding out how love worked...for them.

And so became the birth of the Worldwide Love Story.

Rather than some distant ‘happily ever after,’ I believe love is found in the small moments that make up the stories of our lives. I believe in the magic and fatefulness of how love is found, and in the beauty and care with which it stays. I believe love is as spectacular as a fireworks display, yet more often as subtle as a whisper and the squeeze of a hand.  I believe love is the unifying thread that connects the human race. I believe that even if we've loved and lost, we still cheer for those who’ve found it. And I believe that no two loves are ever the same and I believe that is fantastic news, for all of us. 

Which brings me to the present.  

Using the Humans of New York model, the Worldwide Love Story curates real stories of real people in love. Wonderful stories. Happy stories. Sad stories. Unbelievable stories. True stories. Only we're taking it a step further and putting love on the map.  

I believe that by telling the stories that demonstrate both the depth and simplicity of love, the more apt we each will be to recognize, appreciate and participate in love in the everyday moments.  Why do I believe this? Because it worked for me.

Love is present around the world, let’s recognize it.

We inspire romantics to become a part of a Worldwide Love Story. A part of history. A part of a positive impact, a worldwide ripple effect of love. And together we'll raise the vibration of love on the planet. 

Won’t you join us?