The Mission

It’s our mission to raise the vibration of love on the planet, one love story at a time.

The Map

Instead of a map with borders and divisions, we´re creating one where love lives.

Where were standing you when you fell in love? Where will you be?

The Means

What are we doing now, what do we want to do, how you can be involved.

Why Love, Why Now.

We Are One  

Love is the red thread that connects us as a human race. Love is in our DNA.

Yet Unique

No two loves are the same, and we think that’s a beautiful thing. Now more than ever, let´s honor and respect one another and our differences

We Have Wisdom 

We share the stories that celebrate the depth and simplicity of love.

Yet Much to Learn

For those of us who are still trying to get it ‘right’, have loved and lost, or simply want to strengthen existing love. Let’s learn from those with insight, experience, and wisdom

We Make the Connection 

Now more than ever, we have the capacity to positively impact the lives of others. Let’s use tech, for good.

We Are Love in Action 

It’s the ‘blue car effect’. But with love.  We recognize love everywhere. We believe it’s possible.  We put love into action.

We’re all on this beautiful journey together.  Let’s look at the Earth from a new perspective.  

Where were you when you fell in love?  Where will you be? 


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Love Letters

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